Why I don’t support Muslim immigration

Americans tend to overvalue the power of personal autonomy, easily buying into the assumption that everyone is a profoundly unique snowflake. Traveling abroad and immersing yourself in foreign cultures easily dispels that belief.

Worldviews matter, and cultures socialize and shape people’s worldviews. These worldview paradigms aren’t superficial; they’re deeply internalized, a fundamental basis people use to navigate the world with.

One fundamental aspect I see over and over in Muslims, regardless of the nation, race, or continental allocation of the individual is an inability to understand the concept of cultural relevance. Islam systematically embeds the assumption that the Islamic worldview is objectively correct.

Many cuckservatives and indoctrinated liberal types will keep trying to push the notion that most Muslims don’t practice violence. In doing so, they’re missing the point:

You’re importing people who have a rigid and unyielding worldview that will not let them assimilate into the countries they are migrating to. Their self-righteousness and absolute belief in the objective validity of their speech and behavior is incompatible with the Western values of free speech, freedom of action and an acceptance for differing worldviews. Compounded with bringing in massive numbers of them at once, where they can form niche communities within a welcoming nation, and you’ve created a cancer within a nation: niche communities that feed off the host without become normalized, beneficially functioning cells in the organism.

So, as they continue to grow, how long until they transform their new host nations into reflections of the nations they left behind?


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